Rob Mathews Memorial Foundation

The Rob Mathews Memorial Foundation was founded in 1989 as a unique 501c non-profit foundation dedicated to the ongoing development of treatment protocols that address the underlying causes of addictions and mental health disorders. While many other health-based non-profits allocate funds to rehash and rerun research that supports the interests of “symptom-based” pharmaceuticals, the RM Foundation works to improve and expand tools for “cause-based” biochemical repair grounded in solid scientific evidence. The ongoing success consistently achieved from biochemical repair is needed to enlighten the treatment field, and expand the knowledge of those who wish to take part in this exciting new century of orthomolecular and ecological medicine for health and wellbeing. A donation to the Rob Mathews Foundation will support that effort.
Additionally, many of the donations we receive are used to help less fortunate people who need orthomolecular repair to recover from their addiction. In this way a tangible account of good can be realized from a donation made to the RM Foundation.